Our Philosophy/Rapunga Whakaaro

We believe that trusting relationships with our families are our number one priority so we can all feel connected and a sense of belonging.

As teachers we agree to engage children in meaningful experiences and to teach resilience alongside good values. To value, be respectful and thoughtful of ourselves and others.

We value love, honesty, kindness, inclusion, fun, integrity, respect and relationships.

We believe that connections, relationships, self awareness and responsiveness to individual interests all contribute to success as life long learners.

Our teachers are passionate professionals, we inspire and encourage children to be proud of who they are and where they come from. We honour and implement our Te Tiriti O Waitangi with great pride.

We focus on sharing aspirations, building participation and encouraging contribution with all those who join us.

Our philosophy is inspired by….

RIE and Pikler – Respectful, patient and trusting connections with learners

Maslow – Strong links to identity and Te Whaariki our curriculum of Aotearoa

Vygotsky – Zone of proximal development. Observing level of skill, knowledge, language and/or comprehension and extending on this.

Te Whaariki – Bicultural values and teaching/learning guidelines. Holistic teaching and learning.